Steel construction fire place rules moreover fire-resistant finish used or fire resistant paint fireproof

A time a steel warehouse fire, fire brigade hours for struggling to put the actual fire, two large machinery falling from an elevation loss of intensity. This type of case has sparked the interest of steel building light. China Reform and opening up Since, with the entire substantial increase in metallic production, the rapid advance of steel construction, steel muscle fire with people Fire resistant coating Awareness of a good two errors First, how the steel is reinforced gold frame, not afraid using fire, neglect prevention; spark is that the brushed steel structure fire resistant coating, sure, burn upward.

In fact, only hold off the time of flame retardant coating, can be evacuation, fire fighting, to avoid Collapse Is not none of burning, burning is beneficial. Steel is a hightemperaturesensitive material, its flexibility and deformation would reverse with the rise pertaining to temperature change drastically. Routine construction steel, to the intensity decreased on the way to to ; to – its capacity is pretty much completely lost. Generally no coated fire retardant cells lining bare steel fire immunity level of only to minutes, in the event Light The building quickly collapsed, causing Disaster Of calamities on people’s lives and as a consequence property caused serious deficits.

Therefore, steel fire shielding measures must be completed so that personnel might evacuate in time, lower steel damage in all fire, the fire capacity hours struggling to release the fire, to in avoiding the steel in the fire flames caused by partial and / or total collapse casualties and moreover property losses. Fire is a vital steel works, design and as well , production to implement the appropriate standards, such as Gigabyte “fireproof coatings”, GB “Steel Construction Quality Acceptance”, Gigabytes “building fire protection website design “, GB ” fire-starters protection design of extra buildings “, CECS in Steel Structural Applications Applied science Specification “, DGTJ ” Technical Specification for stainlesss steel structure fire “and etc.

Choose Pulverbeschichtung must have next essential documents the Worldwide Quality Supervision and Check up Center Fire building supplies and effective inspection papers issued; Ministry of Official Security Assessment Center Spice protection products issued as a result of product type approval qualification valid; The People’s Republic of China building Terminate Department issued the publishing authority facilities engineering building contractor certificate; issued by region construction administration Safety Authorization. Fireproof coatings selection rules permanent highlevel fire protection, and multistorey steel structure, when the provisions on the fire resistance of many.