Great WordPress Desk-Related Themes out

produced by Amy Carsonedited by The boy wonder L.updated Make your The wordpress platform blog feel like an individual’s desktop. These fun and after that free WordPress themes tool realistic, photographic desktop props like notepads, sticky notes, paperclips and in selected cases, assorted desktop screw. They’re widget ready, and most support gravatars. slide of Desk Clutter An iPhone, car keys, ticket stubs, a tangled cup of coffee. Them litter the top with the desk in GeekWithLaptop on hour Desk Mess WordPress motif. Lots of tape on this one, tacking scraps of paper each and every navigation link up top, and the search prevent onto the right sidebar of the main ingredients area which, surprise! seems to be like a notebook.

It s fixed width, two columns, xHTML valid, has widget support, and have gravatar support, and Table Mess is released undergoing GPL license. slide of your Book In spite for the uninspiring name, The Pre-book WordPress theme is often nice looking, being an easy open spiral notebook via aged paper and several photos at the first. The theme s nice headline typography packs it apart. The E-book is column, fixed width, and widget ready using a right sidebar. slide linked Notepad Chaos Released simply Smashing Magazine, Notepad Wreck looks like a wellused spiral notebook.

wordpress themes has a very little worn cardboard sticking the top where your weblog title goes and next to nothing tabs sticking off the inside for post dates. Some sort of sidebar delineates recent subject material and categories with the right paperclipped yellow note 1 and a thumbtacked morsel of ruled paper for your other. The whole shebang sits atop a colorful, yet unobtrusive paisley track record. As an added bonus, not only will be the theme free, the designer, Evan Eckard, has perhaps even provided a layered PSD Photoshop file of pattern mockup! It s liberated to alter any way shoppers like; just keep the web link back in the footer.

slide from Art Child’s crib The Approaches Crib Vox theme isn t on the desk once again the notepaper, travel photos, and inexplicably, cash not to mention an open, messy painfulness can, generally scattered on the subject of a real wood floor.